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Polisher Backing Pads, Adaptors And Accessories

Adapter 5/16 Male Thread to M14 Male Thread
Adaptor M14 Male Thread to 5/16-24" Male Thread

Useful for converting a DA Orbital Sander with imperial threads for use with M14-2 backer / backing pads

Item - ACCS1


Backer Pad Extension Bar
M14 Female to M14 Male Extension Bar

70mm Extension Bar

Item - ACCS2


Polisher Flange Set

Polisher Flange Set
Pair of flanges - M14-2
For use with standard car polishers and angle grinders

Item - ACCS3


Polisher Pin Spanner

Polisher Pin Spanner
Used for tightening the flanges on polishers
and angle grinders

Item - ACCS4


M14 to 10mm Shaft Adapter
M14 Thread to 10mm Shaft Adaptor

Item - ACCS5

M14 to 8mm Shaft Adapter

M14 Thread to 8mm Shaft Adaptor

Item - ACCS6


M14 to 6mm Shaft Adapter
M14 Thread to 6mm Shaft Adaptor

Item - ACCS7


M14 Keyless Drill Chuck

M14 Drill Chuck

Keyless Chuck
Thread - M14-2
Metal body with nylon front sleeve
Capacity : 2mm to 13mm
Maximum Speed  - 3000 RPM

Item - ACCS8


Out Of Stock

M14 Drill Chuck With Key

M14 Drill Chuck

Keyed Chuck & Key
Thread - M14-2
Capacity : 1.5mm to 13mm 
Metal body
T-type chuck key
Maximum Speed  - 3000 RPM

Item - ACCS9


Bench Grinder Drill Chuck

6" Bench Grinder 12.7mm Ø Bore Adaptor to 10mm Drill Chuck

Drill Chuck - Lightweight, keyless.
10mm Chuck (nylon case) - 50mm x 40mm 
Jaw capacity : 2mm - 10mm  £19.85

Item - ACCS10


Angle Grinder Car Poiisher Extension

Car Polisher M14-2 Adaptor With A 10mm Drill Chuck

10mm Chuck (nylon case) - 50mm x 40mm 
Adapter Length 65mm 
Jaw capacity : 2mm - 10mm shanked polishing accessories
Maximum Speed - 2500rpm using light pressure

Item - ACCS11


Shipping Costs And Prices
UK - All prices shown include VAT And Free Shipping to UK Addresses.
International - Please Contact us for Shipping Rates to your country and to place an order. International Buyers may need to pay import duties / taxes on the arrival of their order into their country. Prices shown are in British Pounds.

All Our Backer / Backing Pads Are Hook / Loop

77mm Spindle Backing Pad

77mm Spindle Backing Pad
Attaches to a machine which has an adjustable chuck eg an electric drill.
Spindle backing pad for general polishing work. PUR molded, good rebounding and durability.
15mm polyurethane flexible layer.
6mm detachable spindle. M6 thread.

Item - ACCBP1


77mm x 3mm Backing Pad

77mm x 3mm Backing Pad

M14 Thread

Item - ACCBP2


77mm x 10mm Backing Pad

77mm x 10mm Foam Layer Backing Pad

M14 Thread

Item - ACCBP3


125mm x 3mm Backing Pad

125mm x 3mm Backing Pad

M14 Thread

Item - ACCBP4

125mm x 10mm Backing Pad
125mm x 10mm Foam Layer Backing Pad

M14 Thread

Item - ACCBP5


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