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Client's Comments

Tony has been most helpful in assisting us set up the scratch removal side to our existing business. The scratch removal system has certainly worked very well for us and comes highly recommended.
Jamie White - Retro Glass and Glazing

All problems solved with the help of Glass Technics - thank you Tony
Jose Pinta - Madeira Island

Our company are very pleased with the glass and plastic scratch removal equipment we use, including the extremely professional and friendly service given by Glass Technics.
Sean Phelan - Clear Glass Restoration

I am very grateful to Glass Technics who have been helping me develop the splashbacks customers have requested.
Mary Thorpe -

Superb company - superb products.
Jacques Tondeau - Montpellier, France

After researching many scratch removal systems I can't say how glad we were when we finally chose Glass Technics. Our customers are extremely pleased with the service we offer and we look forward to a long and pleasant working relationship with Glass Technics. Thanks for all your help Tony.
Barrie Raeper - UK

Our company would like to thank Glass Technics for all their valuable help in assisting us start up what is now a very successful scratch removal company in Germany.
Michael Shultz - Germany

Extremely grateful to Glass Technics for all their assistance in kitting us out and for all the very valuable advice given by Tony for our new project in refurbishing blemished polycarbonate products
Spectre Graphics - Ireland

We are extremely pleased with our glass scratch removal system and are obtaining very good results much to the satisfaction of our clients. Thank you Tony
Mark Browne - London

Thank you Tony. You have been most helpful and professional as are your scratch removal products
Victor Panchenko - Nottingham

What a Show we have had! Four of the hardest days I've worked in years – with a tremendous harvest.
I reckon I did at least 200 – 250 demos; all on the same marked spot. That really
proved that GlassTechnics products does not abrade the parent glass at all.
The quality of visitor was outstanding. Around mid-day of day #1, I got a really
“tough nut”. He knew all about everything and pronounced the impossibility of my
proposal. 5 minutes later, he signed up. It's a lovely feeling!
Once again, I thank you for you constant good humour and patience in answering all
my questions. I believe I now understand how you manage this: When your product passes
every test and surpasses every expectation, one can indulge the skeptical!
As I enter my 69th year, I now look forward to the constant stimulation of handling
this magnificent product, hopefully for the rest of my days.
Clem Davidson - South Africa -

We have found Glass Technics products and service to be extremely professional in every way possible and highly recommend them.
Jerry Holworth - Ireland

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