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Polisher Backing Pads, Adapters & Accessories

Adapter 5/16 Male Thread to M14 Male Thread
Adapter 5/16" Male Thread to M14 Male Thread
Available as 5/16 x 18 threads or
5/16 x 24 threads.

Useful for converting a DA Orbital Sander with imperial threads for use with M14-2 backer / backing pads

M14 to M10 Shaft Spindle Adapter
M14 Thread to M10 Shaft Adapter
Converts a hand power drill with a chuck into a polishing and buffing machine by screwing the adapter into an M14 polisher backing pad

Polisher Flange
Polisher Flange Set
Set - M14-2
For use with standard polishers and angle grinders

77mm Spindle Backing Pad
3" / 77mm Spindle Backing Pad
Attaches to a machine which has an adjustable chuck eg an electric drill.
Spindle backing pad for general polishing work. PUR molded, good rebounding and durability.
15mm polyurethane flexible layer.
6mm detachable spindle. M6 thread

77mm Backing Pad
3" / 77mm Backing Pad
Medium Profile backing pads for general polishing work. PUR molded, good rebounding and durability
15mm flexible layer.
M14 Thread
Velcro Backed

125mm Backing Pad
5" / 125mm Backing Pad
Medium Profile Backing Pad for General Use. PUR moulded, good rebounding and durability.
18mm thickness.
M14-2 internal thread.
Velcro backed

Polisher Pin Spanner
Polisher Pin Spanner
Used for tightening the flanges on polishers and angle grinders