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Glass Technics. Distortion free glass scratch removal,  plastic polishing  and glass repair equipment specialists

Glass Technics specialise in the most modern methods available for the Refurbishment, Repair and Protection to all aspects of Glass and Plastics.

Glass Technics offer prospective and existing clients very high quality : distortion free glass scratch removal kits : plastic scratch removal and plastic polishing kits : a complete range of polishing pads : polishes and compounds : metal polishing : for the Glass, Plastics and Metal Polishing Industries.

Glass Scratch Removal

Distortion Free Scratch Removal Kits for all types of Glass and Plastics
Glass Polishing Kit

Glass Polishing Kits (DIY and Commercial are available)

Glass Technic's Glass Scratch Removal Kits (4 on offer) & Plastic Polishing Kits have either been developed by ourselves, otherwise we have very carefully sourced the very best on the market, to offer our clients the most comprehensive ranges available, for use by the professional tradesman in the glass and plastic industries.

Aircraft Window Polishing
Aircraft Windscreen Scratch Removal
by Glass Technics
Boat Window Scratch Removal
Boat Window Polishing and Protective
Film Application

We at Glass Technics specialise in glass and plastic refurbishment and repair equipment for the Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, Public Transport, Manufacturing, Leisure and Property Industries.

Glass / Plastic Polishing Pads

Polishing and Backer

Glass polishing kit
Polishing Kits

Glass and Plastics

Glass Technics, with all their experience in the glass and plastics industry offer the total solution for the repair and maintenance of all aspects of these important products widely used today. Glass and Plastics can be very expensive items to replace, so it is very cost effective to have them repaired and maintained using our high quality equipment and products. We specialise in -

* Distortion free glass scratch removal kits
* Plastic scratch removal and polishing kits including DIY kits
* Glass and plastic polishing compounds, backing pads and polishing pads
* Glass and plastic repair kits
* Metal Polishing Kits

Plastic / Resin Polising Machine

Plastic / Resin Polishing Machine
Bench Mounted Metal Polishing Kits

Bench Mounted Metal Polishing Kits

Glass Technics are a small and very friendly company. Please feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to assist you with all your glass, plastic & metal rejuvenation equipment requirements.

Glass and Plastic Restoration are our Business.

Glass Technics : Phone + 44 (0)1256 882339 - email :

Glass and Plastic Scratch Removal, Polishing and Refurbishing Equipment